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Welcome New FCS Director of Operations, Dalton Lamberth

Our new Director of Operations, Dalton Lamberth, is a candidate for a Masters of Arts Management degree at George Mason University, with an expected graduation date of December 2016.  He has a Bachelor of Music: Vocal Performance degree from Northwestern Oklahoma State University (Cum Laude).  Dalton has worked as the Administrative Assistant for the Northwest Oklahoma Concert Series as well as the Administrative/Marketing Assistant with Jane Franklin Dance. He has interned with the Washington Concert Opera as a Special Events and Communications intern where he planned and managed a 200 person gala as well as many small events throughout the season. He also worked as a Marketing Intern for the Hylton Performing Arts Center and while there created playbills, helped with conventions, and revised their marketing database. Dalton was raised on a small ranch in rural Oklahoma. Though his community did not have a vibrant choral music scene, he developed a love for the arts. Since his early days, he has been involved in many choral organizations. He has traveled with groups across the United States as well as an international tour to China. Outside of music, Dalton enjoys reading, visiting museums, attending plays and musicals, and visiting... read more

Meet the Interns: A Millennial Perspective

Introduce yourself. What you are studying in school, where you are from, and why you wanted to intern with FCS. Juliana: My name is Juliana Stewart, and I am studying Arts Management through George Mason’s graduate program. I am from Fairfax, but I lived in many other states and countries in my childhood due to my dad’s military career. I am really happy to have this opportunity to intern with FCS because of the experience and knowledge I am gaining in the field I am studying to enter and the respect I have for FCS’s mission. Although I only began singing in a choir during my undergraduate studies (being a violinist from an early age, orchestra was my extracurricular activity), the experiences I had in choir quickly caused my affections to lean more towards favoring the ensemble created by human voices. I especially appreciate FCS’s wide range of opportunities. Now that I realize the beauty of participating in choirs, I wish I had a) joined a choir from the first opportunity I had as many students have done by joining the Da Capo and Lyric Choirs and b) taken advantage of the privilege the Northern Virginia community has to listen to a highly skilled choir, the Symphonic Chorus. Ben: My name is Ben Parsell and I am one of the interns here at The Fairfax Choral Society this summer. I am an alum of the Masters Singers and simply could not stay away from the organization. I am a Vocal Music Education and Computer Science dual major at St. Olaf College in Minnesota. I was born in New Jersey... read more

A Few Minutes with FCS Managing Director, Patty Laing

FCS is excited to welcome Patty Laing as the new Managing Director! Read on to learn more about our new staff member! What type of work have you done in the past? I have been a press representative in the DC metro area for arts and education, specializing in live entertainment for the past 30 years.  For 10 of those years I served as the Education press representative for Kennedy Center and the National Symphony Orchestra.  I am the Contemporary Choir and Children’s Choir director at my church as well as a wedding soloist.  I homeschooled my six children and taught numerous classes including high school literature. What made you want to work with FCS? The education program – hands down, after reading about everything the FCS is doing I was hooked. What do you hope to accomplish in working with us? I hope to help the FCS garner greater recognition – for the choirs but also the education program and develop relationships with new supporters. Do you or your family have a background in music? I was a vocal major and guitar minor in college.  My grandfather was a church soloist.  My grandmother was  a drummer in a old-fashioned kitchen band – the drums were the pots and pans. My father’s family are all singers – growing up my father sang around the house all the time and when ever we were at a family gathering the six siblings would sing together in harmony and I loved it. What is your favorite style of music? Tough question – I love listening to all types of music but I... read more

FCS Youth Chorus Staff Changes

The FCS Youth Programs will experience some exciting staff changes as we say goodbye to seasoned staff, welcome new teachers, and celebrate current staff in new positions! We are sad to say goodbye to Caroline Crocker as she takes a leave of absence from her position as Director of Youth Education and Central Campus Choir Director (see a message from Ms. Crocker 0n our blog!). We will miss her! Congratulations to Eric Sennett as he takes over as Youth Education Director. He will continue to teach musicianship classes at West Campus, while staff members Justin Hartsell and Kat Arrasmith take over his classes at Central Campus. Michelle McCarten will continue to direct the Central Da Capo choir and will also take over as Director of the Central Lyric Choir. Bonny Tynch takes over the position of Treble Choir Director at Central Campus, and will continue to conduct the Treble Choir at West Campus. Miranda Lansberry will take over as West Campus Coordinator. She will also  continue as Director of the West Campus Da Capo and Lyric Choirs. We are also sad to say goodbye to Odori Pendleton who will step down as the Musicianship Teacher at South... read more

A Message from Caroline Crocker

Dear Colleagues and Friends, It is with a full and heavy heart that I write today to inform you of my decision to step down from the Fairfax Choral Society. It has been a joy and a dream to work with this organization for ten years, and to see the growth and changes therein. At this point in my life however, I am called to be a mommy. Over the past six months, I have found that this commitment and the timing of the rehearsals is difficult for my family. I desire the need to step back for a while. I do not see this as a permanent separation, but rather to be away from 1-3 years until my family can handle a change in schedule again (and my own will be old enough for FCS!) Ten Springs ago, I saw the posting of this position through a work email. I saw the posting several other places and realized that my attention was being drawn to the Fairfax Choral Society for a reason. I was very new to the world of children’s choirs, but in love with the sound and hungry to be a part of it as much as possible. I had recently completed my three years of Kodaly training, and understood the value of quality literature for children, and their musical abilities far beyond what is often the standard in schools. I didn’t have a lot of experience conducting, but I decided to give it a try. I taught many levels over the course of my tenure with FCS. Musicianship classes for 5 year olds through adults, and... read more

New Faces: A Few Minutes with Arts Administration Intern, Tian Luan

This summer, George Mason University graduate student, Tian Luan, joined FCS as an arts administration intern. We wish her much luck as she returns to her studies in the Fall. Where are you from? I come from the Northeast of China, the city of Dalian. Two years ago, I decided to pursue a higher degree in the United States. Where did you go to school? What was your major? Did you play instruments or sing? I am finishing my Masters Degree in Arts Management at George Mason University. My Bachelors Degree is in Musicology, completed at Beijing Normal University. I also sing opera and play the piano. What’s your favorite style of music? I love classical music the best because my musical background allows me to continuously enjoy and appreciate it. I have been influenced by American culture, so I am gradually more interested in Jazz as well. What are the most important things you learned as an FCS Intern? I have become familiar with how to build and manage multiple educational programs, how to engage new students, and how to maintain a healthy relationship with donors and customers. I am also impressed with the Fairfax Choral Society’s volunteer management. I learned the effective strategies FCS uses to keep volunteers proactive in events and programs. This information will be very helpful to my final graduate project. What are your career goals? I love the arts. I hope that I will be able to find a job in arts management in the United States after graduation. Meanwhile, I hope my experience abroad will assist with the development of Chinese Arts Management... read more
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