FCS Youth Chorus Staff Changes

The FCS Youth Programs will experience some exciting staff changes as we say goodbye to seasoned staff, welcome new teachers, and celebrate current staff in new positions!

  • We are sad to say goodbye to Caroline Crocker as she takes a leave of absence from her position as Director of Youth Education and Central Campus Choir Director (see a message from Ms. Crocker 0n our blog!). We will miss her!
  • Congratulations to Eric Sennett as he takes over as Youth Education Director. He will continue to teach musicianship classes at West Campus, while staff members Justin Hartsell and Kat Arrasmith take over his classes at Central Campus.
  • Michelle McCarten will continue to direct the Central Da Capo choir and will also take over as Director of the Central Lyric Choir.
  • Bonny Tynch takes over the position of Treble Choir Director at Central Campus, and will continue to conduct the Treble Choir at West Campus.
  • Miranda Lansberry will take over as West Campus Coordinator. She will also  continue as Director of the West Campus Da Capo and Lyric Choirs.
  • We are also sad to say goodbye to Odori Pendleton who will step down as the Musicianship Teacher at South Campus.